Hi, I'm Rachel

A #SelfMotivated Creative well versed in Design & Development. I have a thirst for knowledge, an eye for detail, and a positive vibe which makes me confident that we could build something really cool together.

Some of my greatest inspiration comes from mobile apps and other design systems. My passion for User Experience is #Strong, but my will to succeed is even stronger.

With over six years of experience building and maintaining client websites and three solid years of #ProjectManagement, I might just be the perfect addition you're looking for.

Enthusiast jumping for the love of design


I like to think of myself as a student for life but my journey as a Designer began at Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) in Worcester, MA. It was there in the Applied Arts programs where I was first exposed to Web Design.

After earning my Associates I transferred to Fitchburg State University to complete my Bachelors knowing that their Communications Media Program ranked among the best. Through the Graphic Design Concentration curriculum I was able to explore Interface Design, which then led to my first app concept design.

Achieving higher education has been one of my greatest accomplishments, and a large part of my success as a Designer is due to #Passion and #Drive. By challenging myself to seek new experiences I continue to evolve.

I've gone to conferences, I've watched webinars, and I've purchased many online courses, but attending General Assembly's: UX Design Course was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. As if my interest in UX/UI wasn't already bordering obsession, this class solidified the direction I wanted to take my design career next.

Professional Experience

After graduating from QCC I searched for a design agency receptive to the idea of fostering me. Fortunately the owner of Sitka Creations had just moved to the Leominster area and she agreed to take me under her wing. As her unofficial Summer Intern I assisted with client projects, gathered content for social media posts, and promoted her monthly art gallery events.

For my official FSU internship, I was placed at North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. There I worked alongside the Marketing Manager and Events Coordinator to create promotional print and web collateral. I often attended regional trade shows & networking events and worked on producing content for their monthly email blasts as well as their website blog.

Soon after completing my Bachelors, I landed a job as a Digital Designer at Dynamic Beacon, creating an array of marketing assets such as website slides, responsive landing pages, and hand‑coded emails. At this agency I transformed into a #UnicornDesigner, meaning my role as a Designer doubled for a Web Developer. It allowed me to sharpen my coding skills and taught me the importance of #Agile.

Within two years, I worked myself up into a Lead Digital Designer of Operations position to oversee the Design Department. As a working manager I shared the responsibilities of designing, developing, and testing products like a regular Digital Designer, but also took on the duties of supervising a team and regulating the daily workflow of client projects.

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I'll admit, I'm a design nerd... but in my defense it takes one to know one so you may appreciate this: I refer to myself as a 'collector'. In my spare time I scour through different online resources, collecting and saving pieces of inspiration as a I go. It doesn't matter if its UI Design, Interior Design, Fashion, or Cooking Recipe related — I have a board somewhere.

As a person who spends a lot of time on their computer it's important for me to balance my digital and physical worlds. Depending on the time of the year, you can find me down at the Leominster Lassie League fields playing #Softball or #Hiking mountains on the weekends with my friends and family.

My Awesome Skills

UX/UI Design

App Concept Design

Web Design


Graphic Design

Project Management

Email Marketing

Google Analytics