Wicked Weathah - The Weather App For New Englanders


Growing up in Massachusetts I'd often hear the old Mark Twain saying: "If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes". This was proven to be true when in January 2015, Fitchburg, MA experienced blizzard‑like conditions followed by a beautiful sunny 54° day.

At the time I was taking an Interface Design Course and for my first assignment I was given the challenge of redesigning an iPhone app. As I sat at my workspace brainstorming ideas I remember hearing a classmate say, "It's so hot out. Didn't we just get like 9‑inches of snow yesterday?". That's when the lightbulb went off... how funny and ironic would it be if I redesigned the Weather App, but just for New Englanders?

Wicked Weathah started out as a joke, but then it quickly snowballed into something bigger when I tried to find more ways to incorporate New England culture. Now, over five years later, I've revisited this app design concept as a way to demonstrate my growth as a Visiual Designer.

My Role: Visual Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer

Skills Practiced: Typography, Branding, Information Architecture (IA), High Fidelity Wireframing

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD

Rachel Caron / Sept 2020




RGB: 255, 255, 255

Light Gray

HEX: #F1F1F1

RGB: 241, 241, 241


HEX: #000000

RGB: 0, 0, 0

Cloudy Blue

HEX: #36475A

RGB: 54, 71, 90

Deep Blue

HEX: #14549B

RGB: 20, 84, 155

Sunshine Orange


RGB: 242, 171, 11

Kumbh Sans font family - Bold, Regular, and Light

Original 2015 Concept Design

Wicked Weathah App Design - Title Screen, Weather Forecast screen, and Weather Forecast screen with the hour by hour side menu pulled out

For my 2015 design concept, I envisioned the Wicked Weathah App to function similar to the current iPhone weather app, with the ability to swipe right to different locations and indicator dots to represent the number of total locations. At the time, I recognized the amount of data I was trying to share with viewers could seem overwhelming so I left the 7‑Day Forecast up front as a responsive module, but made the decision to condense the ‘By The Hour‘ data into a side menu, activated by a tap or right swipe.

Reimagined 2020 Concept Design

Wicked Weathah screen series showing the weather forecast

Same idea, better user experience.

The 2020 Wicked Weathah concept was almost a complete overhaul. Starting with the branding, I wanted a modern and bold vibe so I chose a thick easy‑to‑read typeface and paired it with abstract 'W'. For legibility purposes, I replaced the Lobster font with the Kumbh Sans font family, which came in 3 different weights.

For greater hierarchy, I moved the city name above the weather data and then added drop down functionality so users could easily switch between saved locations. In the top right corner I also added a search icon so users had the ability to find new locations, no matter which screen they were viewing.

Most notably, I added a bottom navigation, which would give users the opportunity to toggle between screens and features. This was important because I was then able to remove the old 'By the Hour' side menu, open up the interface, and design a seperate screen for the 7 Day Forecast data.